Dedicated to Donald Trump:

“At long last sir, have you no sense of decency?”

This famous question was asked of Senator Joseph McCarthy (Wisconsin Republican) by Joseph Welch, the venerable lawyer during McCarthy’s Congressional hearings in the mid- 1950’s. The Red- baiting demagogue had accused The Secretary of the Army of Communist sympathies. He was the last in a long line of government officials, social and literary figures who had been called before McCarthy’s committee and submitted to charges , insinuations, false hoods and demands that left their reputations and careers in shreds. McCarthy used bullying tactics to his advantage throughout the hearings.

Donald Trump, who leads the field of Republican candidates running for President , bears a strong resemblance to Joseph McCarthy. He has zoomed to the top in the polls with his brash, boastful attacks on his rivals during the debates and at his own rallies that draw thousands of cheering admirers. Trump wears his red cap and appears to speak off the cuff sharing his candid unflattering opinions of his opponents. Jeb Bush, his favorite target “has low energy.”
“Marco Rubio is always sweating. Have you noticed?” His basic slogan is “Make America Great Again.” His mantra is castigating Barack Obama as a “failed, weak leader.” He has said that Senator John Mc Cain —a U.S. Navy pilot shot down during the Vietnam War and tortured for five years in Hanoi — was NOT a hero because he had been captured. His fans appear to forgive such outrageous statements.

Trump has always been proud of his cleanliness and fastidiousness. He has called himself “ a clean hands freak “ and considers hand shakes “a terrible custom” . He also has displayed a fixation on bodily fluids over the years, especially those of women. There was an incident in 2011 that made the news. Trump was being questioned during a deposition by a woman lawyer. She asked for a break so she could leave the room and pump breast milk for her three-month old daughter. Trump berated her with “You’re disgusting!” and stormed out of the room as reported in The New York Times.

After the first Republican debate, Trump made headlines when he commented on Megyn Kelly’s tough questioning of him by saying, “you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever.” Politico has noted that, “Trump has remarked on Rubio’s perspiration at least eight times in the last seven weeks.” Twice he suggested that sweating would put him at a disadvantage with Vladimir Putin who would see him as “soggy”.
The pattern has been that Donald Trump makes statements that are accepted as fact by his supporters. When he said that Muslims in Jersey City and Paterson were cheering after 9/11, those alarming words were declared completely untrue by officials in both cities. However, they remain in people’s minds and are referred to by others who feel that Muslims are different from other Americans.

On Saturday evening, December 19, the third Democratic Debate took place before a large enthusiastic crowd in New Hampshire. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were the three candidates. ABC had two experienced moderators and the debate was informed and lively throughout. Wide ranging topics were discussed: The threat of ISIS and how to confront ISIS in Syria and elsewhere. Gun rights and Gun control. Wall Street and how to control it in the future. There was a mid-debate break. Sanders and O’Malley returned before Clinton. The moderator began a question before she returned a few minutes later to applause from her supporters. ( This viewer thought it an error on the moderator’s part to begin before all were on stage.)

On Monday, Donald Trump was back to his fixation on women’s bodily fluids. He made the following comment about Hillary Clinton’s mid-debate bathroom break, “I know where she went. It’s disgusting. I don’t want to talk about it. It’s too disgusting.” Of course, his remarks went viral!

A reporter interviewed the Clinton staff and discovered that the setting for the debate was not equidistant from men’s and women’s rest rooms. Women had to walk a longer distance taking extra minutes. A Clinton staff member had checked it to the seconds beforehand to have the exact time. Trump was not interested in facts. I guess he just couldn’t resist one more vulgar and insinuating remark, especially about the woman he hopes to face once he is nominated by the Republican party. There’s no doubt that he now believes he is going to win the primaries and go on to the Presidential Debates. He constantly gives his growing lead in poll results.

Hillary Clinton dispensed with her Republican opponents handily during the eleven hour marathon Benghazi hearing. She never lost her cool. Donald Trump would be wise to watch tapes of those hours. Perhaps he would then concentrate on doing his homework and learning about the formidable challenges that will face the next president. Enough of veiled innuendos and bullying. Stop the insults. America is great right now!  And Hillary Clinton knows how to keep it great.  She is determined to do just that when she is elected President of The United States in November, 2016.

3 thoughts on “Dedicated to Donald Trump:

  1. Joyce, as always, you connection to history lends your words a kind of power rare these days. School curriculum has become lax in the area of history and social studeies as those subjects are not tested areas. When YouTube views far surpass words read and sound bites replace articles, Americans see poor candidates rise in power. The only weapon against the reign of ignorance is education. Period. I just hope that more people realize that Trump is more than just someone to chuckle about at water coolers, but rather a real threat to American values and subsequent safety as he crashes through carefully constructed relationships and understandings like a greedy bull in a china shop.

  2. I always attempt to keep religious issues separate from politics. However, I believe this political movement is referenced in the Tora (actually Danial) the Qur’an, and the New Testament. I am joining a new political movement.
    The following is from a posting on Facebook:

    Join the New Christian Political Movement

    ‘The Donald’ TRUMP



    Because He Is the Most
    Qualified Candidate


  3. Again, you are right on target with this week’s blog contrasting McCarthy and Trump.. Senator McCarthy had an educated mind, but he was a certifiable “nut.” Donal Trump is just a certifiable “nut.” Wonderful blog, Joyce.

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