Dems: Want To Defeat Trump? Form A Team of Rivals.

The title above is of an  article by Thomas Friedman, an opinion writer in today’s New York Times.   He is one of their veterans who has traveled the world and speaks with words of wisdom on many subjects.  The political world is his specialty.

After or before you pull up the column on your  computer,  Google  A team of rivals.  You will find Doris Kearns Goodwin, the historian who wrote about Abraham Lincoln’s Team of Rivals in her book on that very subject.

Friedman applies Lincoln’s successful strategy to the current presidential campaign .  He suggsts names of people who would fill the most important executive and cabinet positions.  Some are still running  for president while others have dropped out of the race. They all bring valuable experience and strength to the positions they would fill if the top of the ticket is elected.

The debate in  South Carolina this evening brings the current candidates back once more. Michael Bloomberg will make his second appearance after a Town Hall with a live audience and more realistic prepping  by his aides.  His debut appearance was described as a “ disaster” and he met a group the next day saying with humor, “And how was your night yesterday.”

Since Donald Trump was acquitted on Charges of Impeachment, he has pursued weeks of “Rage and Retribution” against his perceived enemies.  This included the government employees who responded to Congressional subpoenas to testify under oath.  Colonel Alexander Vindman who served in the White  House,  former Ambassador to Ukraine, Yovonovitch,  former Ambassador to Ukraine, Taylor , Fiona Hill who worked with John Bolton  National Security Advisor.   Colonel Vindman and his twin brother also a Colonel were marched out of the White House in their uniforms. Marie Yovonovitch after being fired, took a position at Georgetown University in D.C.   John Bolton awaits the publication of his book that will reveal inner workings of the Trump White House. He never did  testify,.

Donald Trump has seized on Sanders as his new whipping candidate rather than Biden since Bernie has run up big scores in Iowa,  New Hampshire and Nevada.  There, voters joined caucuses which can be complex with people meeting in groups and casting votes that can be argued and changed in succeeding rounds of voting.

South Carolina holds a primary where people vote for their choice. One person; one vote.  It is simpler and the same as the general election.   Results usually are tabulated easily and announced  without delay.  The Iowa results were a disaster since they were using a complex system without having had a trial run.

I hope some of the candidates who will take part in the debate this evening have read Thomas Friedman’s column.  Or the moderators may have read it and will suggest it to the candidates for their reaction. It would be dynamite to watch them react since it assumes only one of them would win the nomination.

A Team of Rivals will be on stage.   I will think of them in the framework of  Thomas Friedman’s brilliant idea. I’m sure Donald Trump will also be watching.

……………………………………………Joyce S. Anderson

2 thoughts on “Dems: Want To Defeat Trump? Form A Team of Rivals.

  1. Thanks Joyce. If the President were to take this approach his “Team of Rivals” would look more like a depth chart for a football team.

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