Biden “Team of Rivals”

Joe Biden has emerged as the clear front runner in the 2020 Democratic Primary race, with only Bernie Sanders still standing as a rival. Biden announced during the last debate that he would choose a woman as Vice President.  He should also remember Abraham Lincoln choosing his cabinet from his rivals in the 1860 election.  That brilliant political move helped him govern through the challenging years ahead.

Biden should create his team of rivals NOW. They could campaign alone for him or with him on television at interviews, debates and virtual town meetings while the Coronavirus persists.  We are going to have the election in November, that is for sure.  It will not be postponed. We have had elections during wartime.  This election may be the first election  completely by mail.

Here’s a possible team: Kamala Harris as Vice President; Mike Bloomberg as Treasury Secretary; Amy Klobuchar as U.S. District Attorney at Justice Department;  Pete Buttigeg at Defense; Elizabeth Warren for Commerce; Cory Booker for HUD; Julian Castro for Secretary of The Environment and Mitt Romney , the only Republican senator who honored his oath of impartiality during Donald J. Trump’s impeachment trial, for Secretary of State.  Each of these women and men has had deep experience in the position they would be holding .

Joe Biden would bring a wealth of experience as a senator and Vice President , working with Barack Obama during two terms in office.  It is not surprising that Donald Trump saw him as his toughest opponent. Then  he asked the Ukraine president to announce he was investigating Biden for alleged corruption.  We all know that led to Trump’s impeachment, forever an asterix next to his name.

Joe Biden and his team of rivals could defeat Donald J. Trump in a landslide in November 2020.

…………………………………………  Joyce S. Anderson

1 thought on “Biden “Team of Rivals”

  1. Great article: succinct and substantive. I have long said whoever won the primary should pick her or his cabinet from his rivals. You picked wonderful candidates.

    How are both of you doing? How are you keeping occupied? Have you watched the tv series, Schits Creek? It’s hilarious.



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