Joe Biden Interview in The New York Times and The Atlantic City Press


Saturday, May 2, 2020:  I had watched the interview yesterday with great interest.  It was the first he had given since Tara Reade has raised allegations of sexual assault when she worked on his senatorial staff twenty seven years ago.  Biden has responded that it never happened whenever a reporter has asked questions.

The interview was live on “Morning Joe” with the hosts Mica and Joe asking questions.  Mica began with Reade’s picture and her allegations as well as asking Joe if he would release his personnel files of his work as a senator.  He explained that he has opened up thousands of papers in the Archives to the public.  However, the files she asks for have talks with foreign leaders over eight years and these should not be available during the presidential race for political use by his opponent.

Mica then showed pictures of more than a dozen women who had accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment or sexual assault over the years.   Joe took over for  the second half and dealt with current issues of the pandemic virus and its effects upon the economy  and life of the people of the country.  Biden gave specific answers covering what he is doing right now in advance of results of the election next November.  He was calm and clear in describing what he had done during the Ebola pandemic as Vice President working with President Obama in the United States and abroad.

Today’s coverage of the interview in The New York Times and The Atlantic  City Press shocked me!   When I was teaching at Atlantic Community College, my students said The Times was my bible.  Donald Trump considers the Times and The Washington Post as his enemies, “fake news” mongers.  The latter has a reporter who counts the lies of the president, now in the thousands.

Thus, when I saw the front pages of the two papers, Joe Biden was on both papers :  Times: second lead story on left hand side .  Press: picture top right with “Never Happened” in bold print.  Story appeared later in section C .

Next, I turned to the Editorial page of The  New York Times and found a dark partial picture of Biden’s face looking stressed under the title in bold type: Investigate Tara Reade’s Allegations.  Toward the end of the long editorial in dark print  was “ Americans need to know more about a sexual assault allegation against the likely Democratic nominee. “

Then I read the entire editorial.  It was almost completely about Reade’s allegation until a short paragraph of seven lines  next to the last paragraph ……… From that paragraph, ”It has been noted that Donald Trump has been accused of  sexual harassment and assault by more than a dozen women. Those claims should also be investigated … Mr. Trump simply denies them and attacks his accusers.”

The Atlantic City Press had a column on page one of Section C World and Nation.   Headline: Biden  declares sexual assault ‘never never happened.”   It was written by Alexandra Jaffe and Bill Barrow of Associated Press. Within the body of their article, they discuss Biden’s pledge to have the Archives open, since that would be the place for a complaint if she had done that at the time.   They  ended with his pledge to choose a woman as Vice President  and the fact that the presidential race will be the  first of the MeToo era.

Their coverage was completely different from The Times where the entire editorial board is represented by the lead editorial each day.

My concern of course, is that Donald Trump and his team will take their editorial and use it in as many ways and times as they can.

I wrote to The Times  before  writing this blog .  A  very long shot to have it printed, but I felt the need to speak out directly to them.  If it appears in Letters…. I’ll let you know on my blog…

……………………………………………  Joyce S. Anderson

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden Interview in The New York Times and The Atlantic City Press

  1. Very interesting analysis of the media coverage …. I did not watch the interview.
    Some have suggested Biden should hire an independent investigator and team to look through the files.

  2. From what I understand, it would be highly unusual for an incident of sexual assault to occur only once over the accused’s lifetime. And Biden can be sure that Trump will not make an issue out of this in the campaign. As a matter of fact, he’s already come to Biden’s defense. Which I’m sure Biden’s not thrilled about.

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