Hillary Clinton Won The Popular Vote in 2016

I am becoming angry with TV commentators who refer to Hillary Clinton’s poor campaign”. Were they seeing the same Democratic women that I saw wearing “I’m With Her” Shirts? Did they see Hillary sit through thirteen hours of grilling by a hostile Republican oversight committee and never lose her cool. Or watch the four debates with Donald Trump where she was judged as the WINNER of all by the judges? Even of the one where he loomed behind her in a threatening manner and she continued talking to the audience? Do these TV political “experts” remember the New York Times endorsement which described her as the most qualified nominee in the modern era. As Secretary of State for Barack Obama, she had traveled the world and laid the foundation for the crucial Nuclear Treaty with Iran that Donald Trump refused to honor when he took office.

Early in the campaign, Trump gave her the nickname “Crooked Hillary” which had no logical foundation since she was a lawyer. Then Michael Flynn, Trump’s buddy started the “Lock her Up” chants that caught fire at his rallies.

Hillary Clinton campaigned on a platform that reached out to all people to build togetherness and strength in our society. Her use of her personal server became an issue Trump magnified. Remember when her debate opponent Bernie Sanders said, “I’m sick of your damn emails” and broke up the audience. However, she never did anything illegal.

James Comey, Director of The F.B. I., decided to hold a press conference without consulting his boss, the U.S. Attorney General to report on their investigation of her emails. He was breaking the rules by doing this. He reported that she and her staff were “careless” in their work. He did not mention that the F.B.I. was also investigating Donald Trump and his staff at the same time. This label harmed her reputation. James Comey was to hold other press conferences about Hillary Comey at crucial times in the campaign that affected the outcome. After the Access Hollywood tapes occurred that revealed Donald Trump as a molester of women, Comey held a press conference to share that he was investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails again. Then in November on the Sunday before the Tuesday election, he again spoke about her campaign.

While she was in Philadelphia with Barack and Michelle Obama with all the political experts predicting a huge victory, Russian cyber experts were working to affect the vote counts in key states of Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. They did their work well. Hillary won the popular vote by over two million votes.

But Donald Trump won the Electoral College with the necessary 272 votes for President of The United States. He did not expect to win and neither did the experts.

Now, as we prepare for the election in November, we know what that result has meant to the country and all of us. We know that Trump is a very different president from his predecessors. He does not read or listen to the PDB each morning. The President’s Daily Brief that is compiled by our Intelligence experts. We also know he favors Twitter for his communications and has told over sixteen thousand false statements and lies, documented by a reporter at The Washington Post. He is a very different president from the Hillary Clinton we knew before and during the campaign.

I think of how she would have handled the Pandemic and the Russia crisis of paying the Taliban to kill our soldiers. I know she would have had the right advice from her military and state department officials. She would have been a very different president from Donald J. Trump.

Let’s hope that Joe Biden wins the election in a landslide in November.

…………………………………………………. Joyce S . Anderson

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton Won The Popular Vote in 2016

  1. Thank you for this comprehensive overview of the 2016 election. The problem is: Trump won against all odds!! And look where we are. Each of us must commit to getting the voters out in November, so we can put our country back together again.

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