Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Notorius RBG

On the night the American people learned of her death,  hundreds of women and men gathered on the steps of the Supreme Court.   A picture shows them sitting holding a giant sign that said, “Honor  Her Wish”  The  large picture was in The New York Times.

She had dictated the words to her granddaughter before she died.  “My fervent wish is that my seat on the Supreme Court will be filled by the next president of the United States. “ 

On the same night, just a few hours after the announcement, Senator Mitch McConnell,  Majority  Leader announced that  a successor to her seat would be nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the Senate.    Minority Leader of the Senate, Chuck Schumer responded by quoting Mc Connell’s statement when Barack Obama  nominated Merrick Garland , Chief Judge of the important D.C. Circuit Court   to fill the seat of Justice Antonin  Scalia  after his death.   At that time, McConnell declared  that “The American People should decide who fills that  seat since we will have a national election within the coming year.”   He refused to hold a confirmation hearing and vote in the Senate to confirm Judge Garland during the many months until the next election. Thus, Barack Obama was not able to fulfill his Constitutional role of  nominating a successor to Antonin Scalia.

 This time there will be a national election in weeks and days.  However, Mc Connell said  since  the senate and president are of the same political party, the Constitutional  procedure will be followed.  This explanation was criticized by other respected political figures and commentators .  They   stressed the need for the American People  deciding  the Trump v Biden 2020 election.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been described as an historic  judicial  icon  by many jurists.   Before she was  nominated by President Bll Clinton,  she had forged a reputation  as a lawyer in the  courts supporting women’s rights in all areas of American life. 

  She was one of nine women to enter Harvard Law School in a class of five hundred men in her early years.   When the dean entertained the group one afternoon, he told each woman, “You know, you replaced a man in the class.”  She never forgot that question. 

There are two excellent books about her :  Notorious  RBG  The Life and Times of Ruth Bader Ginsburg  by Irin Carmon and Shana Knizhnik    and

In My Own Words by Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Her early years and Lighter side.   Major decisions and dissents

Both books reveal  her brilliance as a thinker and writer.  She liked to write at night when she said “my pen is hot”.   Most of  her fellow judges and justices have always praised her humanity and openness.  She appeared tiny in size sitting next to Clarence Thomas on the bench.   His customary silence was a contrast to her strong and  compelling decisions and dissents . 

RBG will be missed  by  all who knew her personally and by the people of the United States. … the women especially.

Post Script:  The response to Mc Connell and Trump rushing to place another woman on the Supreme Court , one who will be a strong Conservative in favor of ending  Roe v Wade has electrified the women of this country.  Seventy percent of women are in favor of Roe , guaranteeing  the right to abortion.  Millions of dollars were donated over the weekend when Mc Connell and Trump made their statements.  Donations to Planned Parenthood and to Joe Biden who supports Roe v Wade as established law.

Prediction:  Mitch Mc Connell who is tied with Amy McGrath, a former Marine Pilot will lose his seat in the Senate when the women of Kentucky vote him out of office.

Donald J. Trump who continues to trail Joe Biden in the national and state polls will lose the re-election  he seeks so desperately,   He announced today that he will strive for a THIRD TERM IN OFFICE!!!

Only Franklin Delano Roosevelt served more than two terms during World War II.  He died during his fourth term and Harry Truman became president.

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Donald Trump and The Military

Early History:  As a teenager,  Donald was sent to a military school  to learn discipline. He later worked with his father as a young man in the real estate business.  He learned to circle certain potential clients with a large C for those they would not accept as clients.  C meant Colored.

During the Vietnam War,  Donald Trump had a doctor verify that he had “bone spurs in his heels” and used that to dodge the draft .  Years later when that doctor was interviewed, it was not clear if this excuse was valid.

When one of his sons suggested he would go into the service,  Trump said  “ If you do, I’ll disown you.”

Update to 2020:  A record of his statements about the military and actions he took  since becoming president have been reported and compiled.  At present, there is a fierce explosion of comments he made that appeared in The Atlantic reported by their Editor in Chief  Jeffrey Goldberg.  Here are some that are being discussed on Cable News and in The New York Times and TheWashington Post :

Trump was in France in 2018 and a visit to The  Aisne –Marne American Cemetery was canceled , “due to rain”.  Later, he told senior members, “Why should  I go to that cemetery?  It’s filled with  losers.”   A leak to the press was that he did not want his hair mussed up by the rain.

When he returned from the visit, he was so impressed with the military parade in Paris  that he wanted a similar parade here  on Pennsylvania Avenue . He would be saluted when they passed his box.  Another requirement Trump wanted was that “No wounded soldiers would be included in the parade.  It didn’t look good.”  Defense Secretary James Mattis was successful in downplaying the idea of a military parade of any kind in D.C.  Trump had seen one in North Korea and loved it there as well. 

Another incident occurred when he was standing next to  his Chief of Staff ,  Former General   John G. Kelly   at the grave of  his son who had died during wartime . After the service at the military cemetery filled with rows of hundreds of  white tombstones, Trump  turned to him and said “I don’t get it .  What’s in it for them?”  

The first time the president insulted Senator John Mc Cain became an indelible memory for many Americans.  He said very succinctly when a discussion of heroes was being recorded.  “I don’t consider soldiers who have been captured as heroes.  I only like the ones who were not captured.” Those  were his words for Mc Cain who was shot down and tortured for five years by the North Koreans.  After John Mc Cain died,  the staff lowered flags at the White House and Trump complained that he didn’t want them down.  John Mc Cain had “killed his Health Care Bill “and Trump never fore gave him for that.  However, the staff prevailed and the flags stayed down.

The Atlantic article also included  examples of Trump calling soldiers who had died in war , “suckers”.   The response on cable news channels from former military commanders has been harsh   on hearing  this label for the troops they commanded during wartime.  “Disgusting” said one.

Trump has repeatedly called the article and the uproar from military leaders a HOAX…his favorite label .  He denies the quotations  that are affirmed by multiple people in each case.   He has gone on the offensive and said today, “The generals want war. They benefit from combat and the economic boost.”  Yet we know that Eisenhower for example did not want us to enter WW II.  And most generals deny his accusation vociferously.  

This morning, Trump said, “The troops love me. That’s what’s important.” 

Post script:   Senator Tammy Duckworth was a combat helicopter pilot in Iraq,  when an enemy rocket exploded inside the cockpit shooting down the plane. Her co-pilot saved her life, carrying her unconscious to the medics.  Duckworth lost both her legs that tragic day.  She received the  Purple  Heart and retired in 2014 as a Lieutenant Colonel. She is seen as a hero by most Americans.

Donald Trump said of her, “She didn’t know how to handle the helicopter.”   Her response was to create the perfect label for him.   We all know he loves to give unflattering nick names to people he sees as  political enemies.   Duckworth coined “Cadet Bone Spurs”  for Trump, the Draft Dodger.

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