The Forbes 400

The Forbes 400
The latest issue of Forbes Magazine lists the 400 richest billionaires in the United States. To qualify, the men and women must have made at least 2.1 billion the past three years.
Here are the top four:
Jeff Bezos Amazon age 65 179 billion
Bill Gates Microsoft 61 171 billion
Mark Zuckerberg 36 Facebook 85 billion
Warren Buffett 90 Berkshire Hathaway 73.5 billion

Reading the list, we find some very familiar names like Oprah Winfrey and the Koch brothers. Many are from areas of life that do not make the new s magazines.
I listened to a Forbes spokesperson on Morning Joe and heard a shocking statistic. The 400 are at the top of a total 630 billionaires. And only TEN give a set amount of their total wealth on a regular established basis to others who are at the other end of the income level.
I asked my husband to guess the number, and he paused before he said ALL. It seemed obvious to him and reflects his values .
Warren Buffett is famous as the Nebraskan who drives his Chevrolet and lives a simple life far from the hub of finance at Wall Street in New York City. He is known for allocating a distinct percent of his earnings to causes that benefit men and women at the lower end of the income range.
Bill and Melinda Gates are also known for the causes they have funded on a regular basis in African countries to wipe out malaria and other killer diseases.
We are all in the last weeks before the presidential election. It is important to learn the economic views and plans of both candidates. We have four years to judge the current president, Donald Trump. We also have eight years to judge his opponent , Joe Biden who served with Barack Obama.
In their speeches, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have said, “ Health Care is on the Ballot”… They know that Donald Trump and the Republican Senate have tried 70 times to overturn Obama Care… the ACA act. Each time, they have failed.
On November 10, one week after the election, the fate of Obamacare will be heard at The Supreme Court. Amy Coney Barrett will have been confirmed by the Republican majority in the Senate and sworn in by the president at the White House to become a new Justice. That event will probably become another “super spreader” of Covid 19 since Trump does not approve of masks at the White House.
Under Donald Trump’s presidency, there has been an increase in the difference between the wealthy and the poor in The United States. That is also on the ballot this year. Under Trump tax breaks went to the wealthy. The article in Forbes brought that front and center in my mind. A Biden victory will lead to changes in our future tax and monetary legislation.
I started with the Forbes 400 and it led to the most important presidential election in modern history.
Stay safe and VOTE…. All our lives and future are at stake.
…………………………………………………..Joyce S. Anderson

2 thoughts on “The Forbes 400

  1. As I read your Forbes 400 posting, I was also shocked at the statistics. And as you segued into the most important election in all our lives, the reality of needing a Biden win became even more critical. Yes, all our lives and future are at stake!! 6 more days!

  2. I read recently that John D Rockefeller was worth $660 billion in today’s dollars. Of that he gave away $100 billion. Most of that came after the breakup of Standard Oil. Of course he was a devout Baptist and had been tithing long before he became wealthy.

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