YouTube Treasures To Explore

Many of us are spending long periods of time in our houses or apartments during the Pandemic.  I began watching different music performances on my computer several weeks ago.  The choices are endless ,  opera singers, mob flash dances in foreign countries , folk music performers ….. take your pick.  All are on YouTube.  Each has number of viewers at date first posted.  Many are in the millions.

Today,  I  saw and heard  some of my favorites by typing the titles into Google Search.  Titles;  Tchaikovsky Flashwaltz at Hadassah Hospital. 

‘’Ten year old opera singer stuns Jay Leno’’.  Several of this young girl  on America Has Talent  are there. All are amazing and delightful to watch.

“AMAZING.  Flashmob started by one little girl, Ode To Joy”    European setting.  Viewed by 13 million.

Please let me and other potential viewers know the names of your favorites If you decide to try this on one of these long cold days with no sun.

I often play  Nessun Dorma  before I go to sleep.

The young singer is Emane Beesha who is the ten year old who was competing in  Jay Leno’s America Talent show.   There are several of her as she first enters and proceeds from the first audition to the finals.  You will love the result.

Please share any favorites you find with me and I will forward to other readers on my next blog.

‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’Joyce S. Anderson

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