Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan

On March 6,  The Senate approval came after an all night session with the Democratic majority  of 50 voting  Aye  while the Republican minority  of 49 voted Nay.  It did not reflect Joe Biden’s  hope for  bi-partisan agreement.  It did cement his aim to bring aid to the people of the United States who have been suffering during the pandemic.

President Biden’s approach is in direct contrast to Donald Trump’s first economic effort in 2017, a tax cut to corporations and wealthy Americans.   

The New York Times reports in their cover article that “Researchers predict The Plan could become one of the most effective laws to fight poverty in a generation.”  It would cut child poverty in half and reduce the poverty rate for adults by more than a quarter. 

The  Plan is expected to help women and minorities in particular since they  have taken the brunt of job and income loss during the pandemic. 

The law provides a direct payment to unemployed workers from the federal government:  $1’400 for a single taxpayer and $2’800 for a married couple filing a joint return.

In addition, expanded unemployment benefits would be extended beyond September 6 at $300 a week. 

We have all seen the lines of cars waiting to get food boxes for their families.    We know in our communities that small businesses are closed and millions of workers have been out of work for more than a year .  In the cities, large stores are closed as well as restaurants that employed thousands of people. 

The American Rescue Plans was designed to help people who have been suffering since the Covid Pandemic struck.   It is a bottom up approach that economists and political advisors designed to eradicate  HUNGER in America.   Years ago , I wrote a column that dealt with the label: Food Insecurity which is now in use again.   I suggest they return to the truthful label HUNGER  until it is no longer necessary in The United States,.

Let’s all give a shout out to President Joseph Biden for his leadership  and  determination to eliminate Covid from our land ASAP.  It was his first goal when he was inaugurated and remains with his emphasis now on vaccinations for every American within one hundred days.   

……………………………………………..Joyce S. Anderson

3 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan

  1. Right on, Joyce! Hopefully the pandemic will continue to recede and with it the vicious finger pointing that resulted from the irresponsible politicization of a tragedy. Kudos to Biden.

  2. We are so relieved with our new president and all that he has done in his first 60 days in office. As usual your blog is a thorough review of Biden’s American Rescue Plan that is giving hope to all the people who so desperately need the break that his plan is giving them. Excellent piece!

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